About Us

We are AWNET Robotics Company, and we are proud to be a Robotics company. We are passionate about building accessible and affordable AI-driven solutions that address the manufacturing labour crisis. We are also very passionate about imparting on both students and trainers.

At AWNET ROBOTICS Company, everyone has a seat at our table, and we encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas. We value mutual respect, innovate with purpose, and, most importantly, put our customers first. We have a big vision, and we need top talent like you to help us get there. These values have helped us build toward our goal to become the biggest provider of robotics automation solutions. In our robotics world, some of our services are below listed but not limited to:

Why Choose Us

Trained Students
Trained Trainers
Satisfied Schools
Happy Robot Buyers



Creation of Robots and Automated Systems

We manufacture and assemble different types of automated systems and robots designed to meet the individual needs of our customers and clientele'


Students Robotics Training

We create life-changing tech experiences that embolden students to shape the future. We engage students with skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics [STEAM] and motivate them to create a better future.

Robotics Training for Trainers

We enable teachers/Trainers to understand the process and empower them with project-based learning techniques.