With everything that life throws at us, we might not notice we're losing our connection with our partner in our intimate relationships. Our relationship counseling helps our clients talk through anything that they’re finding hard anytime; and equips them with the skills needed to help their relationship go the desired distance.

All relationships have ups and downs, but sometimes they can get a bit stuck and it’s hard to talk things through or get to a positive solution. That’s when help from a skilled couple relationship counsellor can make all the difference. Whether you are feeling things just aren’t quite right or whether you are encountering serious difficulties, we are here to listen and to support you towards a positive outcome.

Relationship counseling has in recent times, become a song but has a different meaning and way of delivery to clients with different companies or agencies. 


How Can AACA Relationship Counseling be of Help?

At AACA, our counselors provide a caring and supportive environment to help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationship.  It has not been recorded that a client consulted AACA and didnt feel a positive change. We through divine inspirations and expertise with professionalism, leave our clients with long-lasting smiles.

How can AACA Relationship Counseling help you?

What you benefit from our counseling depends on what you wish to get out of it.

For some people, we transform their relationships and their lives positively; for others we help them solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety.

Counselling can take place in a number of ways at a time to fit in with your life 's schedules. Face-to-face counselling is available at our Centre in Benin City, Nigeria but we also offer counselling services via telephone, email and online.

Once you’ve made an appointment at our locality (our local couseling center) in our host community, you will be seen by a trained counselor who will ask some questions about you and your partner, your relationship and what you hope to get out of counseling. At this stage you will also talk about the best times for your sessions, and you will discuss the cost of counseling.

You might decide to come to counseling with your partner or alone. Or you might have a combination of solo and couple sessions.

However you experience relationship counseling, you can feel reassured that it's confidential and non-judgemental.

You can also decide to make use of our online facilities which is even more faster and cheaper for most clients who do not reside within our locality; this includes our international clients too. Our online modalities of operation involves clients sending us mails, phone calls, text messages, chats and video calls on different social media. We are truly prompt in response.

Each counseling session at AACA usually lasts 1 hour to 2 hours, and your counselor will ask you questions so that you can talk about what’s going on and how you feel. They may offer you advice or ideas to try at home.

If you don’t like to talk a lot then they might try different things like drawing or mapping out your thoughts. It all depends on what’s right for you.

Even if things don’t seem to change, our counseling may help you to see things in a different way or make the decision that’s right for you to move forward. Just talking to someone who isn’t involved in the relationship can help you.


It doesn't matter if you’re married, living together, single, gay or straight - we’re here to help you as we have extensive experience in counseling LGBT individuals and couples, so you can rest assured you'll find a counselor to meet your needs. 

Lots of people have an idea of what relationship counseling is and think that you only need counseling when things get really bad. But we're here whenever you need us, no matter what situation you face in your relationship. Even if your problems seem trivial, we can help.

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