AWNET ADVISORY & COUNSELING AGENCY is a sub-division of AWNET ENTERPRISE; that has a principal objective of lifting burdens from the heart of people. This, we have been achieving through counselling since 2013 as we bring you love with its values in the purest of forms.


Improving on the life expectancy of man via restoring sound health of heart and mind of.


Unburdening the aching heart and head, ensuring a happy heart, sound health of the mind and restoring smiles to the faces of people through CHRIST.

We do all we do in LOVE and with A LITTLE CHARGE but we understand that some people might be moved to give more in appreciation; therefore, willful donations and support whether in cash or kind are welcome.

To start, you can book an appointment with any of our counselors.

Communications with any of our counselors could be through any means you wish. If are in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria, see our contact page for our address in Benin City.

For our prospctive clients who are outside Benin City, we you can also reach our counselors (the one assigned to you and best for your purpose) via phone, on WhatsApp, Skype, IMO, Facebook, twitter, mails, text messages and more.

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