It can be rather intoxicating whenever we engage ourselves in looking for ways to put a smile on the faces of our loved ones. You may even find yourself trying to outdo yourself in terms of grateful or romantic gestures. Below are 8 beautiful gestures that beautifully spells it out:


  • Order personalized candy such as M&Ms that say, "I love U."
  • Order T-shirts for each other that say, "I am in love with the world's BEST."
  • Find photos of yourself when you first met and have them photocopied onto coffee mugs.
  • Order a calendar that has a a place for a little note for each month; for example, "I still remember looking at our first harvest moon together."
  • Order fortune cookies filled with love sayings and leave them on his favorite chair.
  • Fill up large wine glasses with Italian Baci candies (each has a love saying) and serve them with dinner.
  • Send a card that makes him laugh or just a simple thank you note for his presence in your life.
  • Show gratitude by using loving words even if you are not feeling loving.

Loving and grateful expressions create a mood and its good you know that studies have shown that gratitude may be the secret to good health, a long life, and lots of love. Even if you express gratitude when you don't feel like doing so, "eventually you will feel the gratitude you express." 

Show love all the time to keep your love alive

Take a minute to make a list of how many ways you are grateful for someone who is special to you: a spouse, a lover, a child, a parent, a friend. Try mailing the list to that person. You will both be smiling and sharing a glorious day.


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