Yes! Stress can be a major factor responsible for any quarels in a beautiful relationship. I know you might have found that no matter how much you love your man or woman, you still get to disagree with him or her. No one says that there should be no quarels in a beautiful relationship as quarels come up for more understanding. We should always remember that as regards relationships, there is a saying which goes: "We misunderstand ourselves to understand who we really are".

Misunderstanding comes up and thats true but when it becomes very often, there is surely a problem which could include most often compatibility issues and sometimes, stress but for purpose of this piece, we shall be dealing with 7 different ways to combact stress reducing the frequency of occurences of love quarels thus


  • Practice time management realistically and remember nothing takes a minute or even an hour.
  • Set priorities. Decide what is most important for you to accomplish in an eight hour period.
  • Take minute vacations. Stop throughout the day to smell the roses, to take a walk, to gaze at the sunshine or clouds.
  • Clear your mind of negative thoughts that weigh you down, especially past hurts—these are millstones around your neck.
  • Express gratitude in a note, a phone call, a visit. Think of one person who deserves a note from you and jot it off immediately. And if you don't have stationery—send an email—but follow it with a real note.
  • Search through photos that bring a smile to your face.
  • Stop and think about someone you love and wish blessings and happiness. (It will help to build up a reserve of joy so that when you do find something exasperating happening, you can reach inside and smile at his presence. And yes, sometimes I forget to practice what I preach.)







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