Its alarming to know that more than 88% of ladies have little or no ideas on what they should look out for in a man before making a choice. The reason failed marriages, relationship breakups, seperations and divorce have become the order of the day.

Do you know that in most cases women enter relationships emotionally while men enter rather logically.

Its high time we started looking beyond "I want a man that is tall, handsome, wealthy and influential" to:

  1.  A man that loves me enough to tell me the truth even when no one does.
  2.  A mature man.
  3.  A man that is committed to me and can stand by me at all times.
  4.  A man that's in deep into service to God and with whom I can be transparent.
  5.  A man of vision.
  6.  A man of good character e.t.c
  7. I want a man that is committed to helping me realize God's purpose and potentials in me and whose purpose aligns with mine.
  8.  A man that's there when there is no reason to be.
  9. A man that has a deep relationship with God.
  10.  A man that knows my faults and can accept me as I am and with my co-operation, help me be a better better person

What you look for in a man should go beyond your wants to your needs. Your "need" is essential. Let's us not major on the minor in our choice for a man.

Always present every man that ask you out before God to know what He has to say. Your understanding of any man is limited but God's understanding is unlimited — this is why we pray.

Don't under estimate the weapon of prayer before you choose a man. There are more on the list... Read on and God Bless you.


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