OUR Programmes


Those who are members of our Church of receive the gift of the Holy Ghost after they are baptized. This spiritual gift enables a faithful member of the Church to enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost as a constant blessing and guide.

Prayer Meetings

Prayer is an essential part of our ongoing relationship with the Lord. And it is central to our life and ministry in our church.


Our Church shall continue hosting monthly deliverance services. There will be regional corporate deliverance this quarter.


Our “Christ-centered” counseling, focuses on the Christian principles of life. These principles provide the foundation for change in our lives.

Camping/Mountain Experiences

Our Christian camps engage children, youth and adults with God through activities and retreats. Each camp also offers facilities to rent for groups.

Why Outdoor Spiritual Adventure

Each Camps see thousands of adults, children from elementary school through high school gather to make memories with friends and meet God.

What You Get from Worshiping With Us

You gain deeper Relationship with The Holy Ghost Who is a personage of Spirit and a member of the Godhead. The Holy Ghost teaches and testifies of truth and can strengthen all honest seekers of the truth. The Holy Ghost and the Light of Christ lead people to Jesus Christ and His gospel.