We bring you change in every sphere of your life. You might be ready for something different; you just might want to build more authentic relationships or somehow, you're tired of repeating patterns that just don’t fulfill you. If you have tried everything you can think of and you still feel stuck; and no matter the struggle that brought you here, you want to change your relationship patterns and deepen the connections that matter most; you are on the right platform. We have stood out throughout the years as we have helped hundreds of folks who want to rethink the way they do relationships and assisted them in building authentic connected partnerships.; at home, with friends, in love and intimacy and also in business.We do everything charitably and reflects in our charges which is rather affordable by all.
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Our Clients are Happy


My man was fond of beating me up with incessant quarrels and ever since we luckily stumbled upon AACA and its services, we have discovered stability, compatibility and spices to maintain the fire of love between us. Thanks AACA

Chidiogor Nwawunor
September 7, 2017

Awesome Services

AACA has proven its worth throughout the years via its inestimable counselling services. My relationship has become the best I ever had ever since AACA stepped into our lives.

Lindsey Maris
September 7, 2017

So Happy

Their services at AACA  are truly awesome and inestimable. You can imagine; I have stopped my way-ward kind of life since I met AACA. Thank God I did

Michael Sweeden
September 7, 2017


With everything that life throws at us, we might not notice we're losing our connection with our partner in our intimate relationships. We help our clients talk through anything that they’re finding hard anytime; and equips them with the skills needed to help their relationship go the desired distance... Know More

Marriage Counseling

For our marriage counseling, We help facilitating communication between you and your partner. Marriage and couples advisory services, typically consists of face to face meetings between the counselor and both individuals of the couple. We combine both individual sessions and co-joint sessions. Know More

Teens Counseling

Our approach is meant to give each teen our full focus from the moment we meet. Each assigned Counselor to a particular teen, is always there for him/her, to serve not as a friend but as an unbiased ear and outside observer. Respect is part of our strategies as we make every effort to advocate on their behalf and to help them understand and interpret what troubles them. . .Know More

Relationship Maintenance

Our clients all over the years have encouraged us in this service of relationship maintenance. They don't feel only the professional touch of our counselors; but have testified to the divine manifestation in their relationships (all forms) after every encounter We maintain the fire of love for our clients and their choicest partners; putting endless smiles on their faces with uncommon peace. . .Know More

Business Counseling

At AWNET Advisory & Counseling Agency (AACA), we understand the challenges of starting, managing and growing a business while balancing a personal and family life. We listen to the challenges you are facing, and help you make a plan to overcome them. We help you create new possibilities and new methods for achieving them. . . Know More

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