Skill Subsidy from a branch of Awnet Enterprise (AWNET IT COLLEGE) for all wise youths. This program is of a diploma sort. It is a professional program for all enterprising/dynamic/articulate/futuristic youths who wish to be independent for life. This is our way of helping the society to curb the resorting of youths to social vices as a means of livelihood.


Awnet I.T College Lecture advertAdmission is on now for the January to March 2015 Batch. Please be among the 10 lucky youths for this next batch. We train you professionally in the field of website design and development and this goes alongside all other goodies like free materials, videos and free project referrals and this shall ensure you start work immediately after your training to build your experience.


These and more are some of the benefits accruing to training with us. We don’t encourage crowd as this ensures that we have one on one attention to our students in cases where they need more clarification. Please do not miss out of this for your own sake. The good thing is that with AWNET ENTERPRISE it has been made cheaper to acquire such a skill this is owing to the reason for the program. Giving back to the society through helping the youths. Help us to help you!


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