About Us

AWNET ENTERPRISE brings to your doorstep, cutting-edge website design and development services including softwares/mobile app development. Our services and potentials of our products, have proven inestimable throughout the years with 100 percent returns on the investments of our clients and customers.

Our professionalism assures you of intuitive websites, portals, Applications (Mobile, Desktop), and more as these are trendy and very necessary and for a win in the competition surrounding your type of business(es).


AWNET Enterprise, the fastest, ever growing and one of the most techo-innovative companies in the world, is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. She commenced  operations formally, year 2011. As a General Merchandize company with Internet Consulting as one of her major objects, Awnet Enterprise, has expanded over the years resulting in three other subsidiary establishements. They include: AWNET ICT COLLEGE, AWNET ADVISORY & COUNSELLING AGENCY and AWNET HEALTH SOLUTIONS. We employ the best techno-professionals in the discharge of our official duties. This is a way we have maintained the trust our clients have for us both locally and internationally. We are majorly telecommuters and that has ensured:

  • Increased Productivity. …
  • Improved Morale and the Quality of Work. …
  • Increased Level of Flexibility and dynamism
  • Wider Pool of Talent.
  • And More…

As earlier stated, technological innovation is our major objective and to be specific, internet/web consulting. Some of the ways we serve you in this respect include:


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